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Comfortable cleaning

In a previous post I talked about how important it is for our body detoxification. Unfortunately, the purification process usually takes place uncomfortable. In this article, I will share a few recipes to help you easily move toxins from the body.

In my practice, I often met people who said that it is better to be hurt more than torturing your body detoxification. Yes, the drainage process nekomforten, but if it causes so much discomfort that you are willing to give up treatment, it's time to think - and whether you are properly prepared for the detoxification?

As I said, one of the most important rules - to organize the work of the digestive system and in particular - of the intestine. If a person has a bowel disorder, properly working the stomach, gall bladder, liver, the drainage process can cause him acute negative state. In the best case - a diarrhea, at worst - nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain. How to help the body in this situation?

Thus, the drain - it is a strong pressure on the intestines, and each passing detoxification, you need to take care of its correct use. At the initial stage, I would have recommended the use of sorbents, which will help bring the harmful substances from the intestines. Recipes here very much, but I would not advise to use artificial sorbents. According to my observations of many years, the most affordable, but at the same time, the best natural sorbent is ordinary rice. Shoe rice bowel occurs soft, comfortable and very effective. All we need - it is rice (regular, unsteamed raw and - this is important), and water. Soak in cold water overnight 2-3 spoons of ordinary rice in the morning the water is drained, washed rice and cook it on the water without salt, sugar, spices. We eat this lean porridge, and then not eat anything for 3-4 hours. Such intestinal cleaning procedure must be repeated every six months for 2 weeks. After a course salt and fecal stones that obstruct the intestine, will gradually dissolve and excreted from the body without causing discomfort to man.

We also talked about the fact that detoxification is not the last role played by the kidneys. What you need to help the kidneys remove toxins? Of course, the need to use clean water. The fact is that if a person is not enough water to drink, the kidneys can not display all the released toxins urine and mud gets into the bloodstream. I would also like to draw your attention that during the application of drainage programs urine may become darker (up to brown), it has a sharp smell may appear. So how much water should you drink? We recommend drink pure water in a volume of 30 ml for each kilogram of body weight.

In the second week of drainage application program begins to clean the blood. It is important to follow the normal operation of the lymphatic system. In this case, water treatment is recommended more frequent. It is good and right to visit the bath in this period or to carry out other procedures that are as open pores on the skin and allow the toxins out of the body. If at this stage the toxins do not come out completely, a person can begin severe headaches, skin rashes, swelling of the face and extremities.

I will share with you a good, efficient recipe for blood purification using the red wine Cabernet. Few people know that this wine at one time tried to relieve the state of Chernobyl, because it is able to display good radionuclides from the body. For therapeutic effect it is necessary to use a pure, 100-percent Cabernet. Very often in shops selling diluted or made of powder wine, so first you need to check its quality. Make it very simple. Poured into a glass of wine 100g 100g dilute it with hot water. If the taste of the wine has not changed, the real wine, but not drink wine in front of you. So, if you find a moment Cabernet, you can use it for cleaning the body. Within a month or two you eat drink prepared by the recipe, which I have described above. 100g wine we dilute 100 g of boiling water and drink before bedtime. The beverage has a good diaphoretic and sedative effect, improves krovvobrascheniya.

I hope my tips will help you move more easily in the detoxification DeVita devices. If, however, the cleaning process is too intense, and you do not have the strength to wait until the end of the course, take a break for 3-4 weeks, let the body to calm down a little. I have had many clients who were cleaning in 3-4 stages. If you can be patient - be patient - if not, take a break. But please, do not stop half way and do not throw detoxification. After the procedure you will be amazed at how rejuvenated your body and how many of the health problems you have managed to get rid of. Be healthy!
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