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LavinaGroup LLC offers an integrated system to support physical and mental health of a person. Nowadays any modern individual combines physical and mental health with business success and self-development.  

DETA-ELIS implements projects to make a person successful in all areas. Tutorial solutions on doing business successfully help foster financial independence; self-development training unleashes creative potential, innovative devices are designed for maintaining physical health.

The operating principle of Deta devices is based on the emission of weak electromagnetic waves natural for the human body, i.e. mental and physical harmony is achieved without aggressive external intervention. Portable wellness devices are designed for health support and rejuvenation. 

Physicists from around the world worked on perfecting this technology. And today in DeVita devices, made in Germany, are implemented the best developments to maintain health and good mood. Deta devices are unrivalled anywhere in the world.

Five advantages of Deta devices:

  • -- Versatility - maintenance of high health

  • -- Effectiveness of diagnostic and recovery is above 85%

  • -- Safety - almost no contraindications

  • -- Portability - always at hand

  • -- Usability - easy to reprogram to solve actual problems

LavinaGroup misson:

  • "We heal and develop people using today’s innovative technologies to make the world better tomorrow".

LavinaGroup values:

  • -- Trust

  • -- Health

  • -- Development

  • -- Reliability

  • -- Consistency

  • -- Wellbeing

  • --Teamship

  • -- Innovativenes

    The Deta Elis company have decided to sell their products through a network marketing model, but given that English is not their mother tongue, this website has been set up as a bridge to help English-speaking people have access to these cutting-edge bioresonance devices, as well as helping practitioners to get the correct training in the use of the bioresonance diagnostic devices. It also provides those who wish to join the Marketing Network as a business opportunity a way to do this easily.

    As the company at the present time do not sell wholesale or retail, this website has been set up as a bridge in order to place the customers orders directly to the Deta Elis company in Greece where they are processed and sent to Europe and the rest of the world using UPS Courier, an international courier company.

    Given that we are not selling directly ourselves, please DO NOT order if you are uncertain, as the products CANNOT be returned or money refunded, unless the products that are delivered are defective, then they can be returned and replaced, but no refund is possible once the order is placed. We DO NOT stock Deta Elis products and therefore do not sell directly. We are a portal to help customers place their orders and have them delivered safely and efficiently. The main company in Russia, D Holding lay down these policies and we implement according to their regulations.

    Once the order is placed it is irreversible,  as the products are sent from Germany to Greece and then to the rest of the world. The company will not take back products that have left their distribution facilities, so we cannot make returns either. This is the policy of the Deta Elis company and applies to all across the globe.

    The manuals that come with the devices are in a number of languages, but you will be given access to manuals that have been translated into proper English as soon as you make the purchase.

    In a network system, we all need to work synergistically together to help each other. There is also a lot of information on this website itself which you should read, particularly the FAQs and the POSTS on the home page.

    It is highly recommended for those buying the DETA AP and the DETA RITM devices to also buy the Therapy 9 USB stick in order to programme these devices in English, as well as give them the flexibility to load over 3,000  different frequencies covering all the microbes and organ systems. All these devices are the latest GENERATION and there are no further stocks of older devices available.

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