Set DeVita Ap + DeVita Ritm + free DeInfo Programmer

Set DeVita Ap + DeVita Ritm + free DeInfo Programmer

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DeVita-AP*** ANTI-PARASITIC DEVICE - New generation wellness portable device manufactured in Germany.

***Passport, the instruction to the device and recommendations in English. Device interface in Russian, possibly pre-selection of programs for you.

DeVita AP cleaning device protects your body against viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites.

Helps to eliminate toxins from the body, improves the immune system, helps to cope with fatigue and headaches.

The antiparasitic electromagnetic device «DeVita-AP» is a health recovery appliance unmatched worldwide.

It contains 30 pre-installed programs with a variety of 1500 programs to choose from.

The device emits electromagnetic waves which resonate with the vibrations of various parasites, from viruses to helminthes.

“DeVita-AP” then selectively targets malignancies and destroys them.

    The therapeutic effect of “DeVita-AP” is achieved due to the high penetrating power of the electromagnetic field into the human body. The vibration frequency is calibrated with very high precision, making it is possible to affect a directly specified microorganism without injuring adjacent tissue or organs.

    Specially developed programs enhance the recovery process after the treatment of any existing diseases. Each course is designed for certain microorganisms. The targeted parasites include:

  • 124 species of viruses;

  • 95 species of bacteria;

  • 61 species of fungi;

  • 31 species of protozoa;

  • 33 species of helminthes (parasitic worms).

    «DeVita-AP» also effectively fights mycobacteria, though persistent immunity cannot be guaranteed. The effectiveness of the treatments above have been confirmed by numerous clinical trials available here. Due to its ease of use, anyone who wishes to can purchase portable DETA-devices and use them to restore their health and wellbeing.

    You are holding a unique, unparalleled anywhere in the world, electromagnetic «DeVita-AP» device - the device for maintenance of high factor of health. Its action is based on emission of electromagnetic waves, which resonate with (self) oscillations of parasites of different types - from viruses to helminthes. Thus, DeVita-AP selectively and deliberately influences causal organisms and destroys them, which allows the human body to function in the natural conditions not weighted down by external factors.

    The outstanding effect of «DeVita-AP» use is achieved owing to high penetrating power of electromagnetic field into a human body. Frequency of oscillations is set with high precision that allows for influencing a specific microorganism deliberately, without causing any damage to surrounding tissues and organs. Specially developed care programs allow for maintaining a high health factor in conditions of the most diverse external and internal factors’ influence. Each developed course is aimed at influencing a certain microorganism.

    The most important advantage of «DeVita-AP» is availability of automatic, specially developed programs for maintenance of high health factor in conditions of the most diverse external and internal factors’ influence. Moreover, the owner of the device has a possibility of device programming using any available preventive programs with DeVita DeInfo (Therapi 8 Utilization). That enables each person to select an individual course of preventive care procedures.

Attention! The device has contraindication to its use by women in the first trimester of pregnancy and by people, who undergone an organ transplantation. In addition, it is not recommended to use the device within the first two months after suffering a myocardial infarction. In case of suffering from serious heart disease, the device must be positioned no closer than 0.5 m from the body.

List of 30 pre-installed care programs

(1500+ Available Frequencies with DeVita DeInfo (Therapy 8))

1. Immune resistance

2. Clean eyes D

3. Clean eyes A

4. Eyelids

5. Cornea

6. Anti-flu C

7. Anti-flu B

8. Anti-flu A

9. Anti-flu basic

10. Detoxification

11. Anti-allergy

12. No cold

13. Cocci stop

14. Clean eyes

15. Free breath

16. Helping a gourmand

17. Antiseptic

18. Clean feet

19. The head free of pain

20. No worms

21. Intimate health

22. Clean lymph


23. Clean liver

24. Clean kidneys

25. Power of liver and kidneys

26. No herpes

27. No protists

28. Candida stop

29. Colon bacillus

30. Anti-inflammation

DeVita Ritm Wellness Device - New generation portable device manufactured in Germany.

DeVita Ritm curative device normalizes and supports the operation of all systems and organs of your body. It's a unique Russian invention designed to restore a person’s wellbeing without the use of medication. Helps get rid of stress and fatigue, gives the body strength to work in an unfavorable environment.

For the first time the thought of energy presence in a human body and of health dependence on its circulation was expressed by ancient Esculapians of China, India, and Egypt. Every human organ emits certain resonance frequencies. Under the influence of unfavorable external factors, modern life full of stresses, bad environment, its frequencies deviate from their natural parameters, and a risk of disease can occur.

When an organ is attacked by disease, resonance frequencies deviate from their normal ranges. The device emits the “correct” frequencies reflecting the organ’s natural characteristics. Thus, the organ resumes its healthy vibrations, successfully fights the disease, and returns to its normal functions.

Electromagnetic device DeVita-Ritm is a unique development in the field of good health support without medication. DeVita-Ritm softly and safely influences on the human body without disturbing its energy balance either in the whole or locally.

The most important advantage of DeVita-Ritm is the availability of automatic programs for health support by sessions. In addition, the device has a feature of programming by any of the available prophylactic programs with DeVita DeInfo (Therapy 8). This allows you to choose an individual prophylactic course for each person. “DeVita-Ritm” has been highly praised by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation and has passed all the required clinical trials and testing in over 100 medical establishments in Russia.

The devices are recommended for the following professionals:
--> drivers
--> railway mechanics and engineers
--> aircrew
--> crews of the surface and submarine fleets
--> security personnel
--> frequent metro riders

“DeVita-Ritm” is essential for people subjected to physical, mental, or psycho-emotional stress, as well as professions requiring increased attention, including:
--> firefighters;

--> rescue personnel;
--> enforcement agencies;
--> doctors;
--> teachers;
--> bankers;
--> diplomats.

Of course, anyone who wishes to can purchase “DETA” portable devices and use them to restore their health and wellbeing.

The device is more than 85% effective in disease prevention, as well as the organ’s rehabilitation after combating the diseases listed below:

  • --> cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, stenocardia, tachycardia, edema, varicose veins, etc.);

  • --> endocrine disorders;

  • --> kidney diseases (pyelonephritis, renal colic, etc.);

  • --> genitourinary diseases;

  • --> urological diseases (prostate gland adenoma, prostatitis, etc.);

  • --> gastrointestinal disturbances;

  • --> pulmonary diseases (bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary edema, pneumonia, etc.);

  • --> headaches of various origins;

  • --> diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems;

  • --> gynecological diseases;

  • --> angina, laryngitis, otitis and others.

The device has proved itself successful in disease and ailment prevention, including stress, overstrain, fatigue, etc. “DeVita-Ritm” can be used as a workplace protection system against harmful radiation and other dangers including:

  • --> increased radiation level;

  • --> X-rays and ultrasonic devices;

  • --> computers, copiers, and TV-sets;

  • --> increased levels of electromagnetic radiation, including transmission facilities;

  • --> insufficient natural electromagnetic fields.

List of 30 pre-installed care programs

(1500+ Available Frequencies with Devita DeInfo (Therapy 8))

1. Active Protection

2. Vienna Prophylactics

3. Blood Circulation

4. Body Cleansing

5. Sharp Eye

6. Rest for Eyes

7. Immunity

8. Energy Tonic

9. Be in a Good Mood

10. Rejuvenation

11. Muscle Tonus

12. Anti-cold

13. Digestion

14. Rehabilitation

15. Back Fatigue

16. Anti-pain

17. Healthy Heart

18. Anti-stress

19. Clean Kidneys

20. Clean Joints

21. Clean Lungs

22. Clear Skin

23. Concentration

24. Detoxification

25. Male Youthfulness

26. Female Youthfulness

27. Stop Cholesterol


28. Accurate Calculation

29. Fast Reading

30. Short Term Memory


Wellness technique is a healthy diet, moderate physical exercises, fresh air, and cessation from harmful habits - largely reduces the risk of various diseases. However, in today’s world it is not always possible to commit oneself to the concept of wellness consistently. This is especially true for large cities, with their constant stresses, rapid way of life and a poisoned environment.

DeVita-Ritm devices are designed to help the body to maintain vitality at a high level, to work eff ectively even in an unfavorable external environment, to preserve youth and beauty for years to come.

«DeInfo» — a wellness programming tool for DeVita series devices which allows the user to create combinations which will ideally correspond to your needs. The device is easy to use and doesn't require any special skills or knowledge.

The user of DeVita series wellness devices can use pre-existing combinations, or create them independently, depending on their own requirements. Therefore, special measures were taken for this purpose: the programming software of «DeInfo» includes about 3,000 programs and is available in five European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian.

To maximize simplicity of usage: it doesn't demand any self-installation or setting up. Artificial intelligence software independently recognizes the connected DeVita device, displays its image and type, and connects itself to an available database. All that you need to do is simply insert a flash programmor into the USB port and then you can return to work at once! In addition, «DeInfo» is constantly updated and has an extremely high level of information security.

The device is not a medical product!

The use of Deta devices is one of the healing methods. It does not replace the main methods of treatment, but qualitatively complements them!

***Passport, the instruction to the device and recommendations in English. Device interface in Russian, possibly pre-selection of programs for you.

All devices have a 2 year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee from point of ordering if not satisfied.

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