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DeVita Ritm wellness portable device

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DeVita Ritm*** Wellness Device - New generation portable device manufactured in Germany.

DeVita Ritm curative device normalizes and supports the operation of all systems and organs of your body. It's a unique Russian invention designed to restore a person’s wellbeing without the use of medication. Helps get rid of stress and fatigue, gives the body strength to work in an unfavorable environment.

***Passport, the instruction to the device and recommendations in English. Device interface in Russian, possibly pre-selection of programs for you.

For the first time the thought of energy presence in a human body and of health dependence on its circulation was expressed by ancient Esculapians of China, India, and Egypt. Every human organ emits certain resonance frequencies. Under the influence of unfavorable external factors, modern life full of stresses, bad environment, its frequencies deviate from their natural parameters, and a risk of disease can occur.

When an organ is attacked by disease, resonance frequencies deviate from their normal ranges. The device emits the “correct” frequencies reflecting the organ’s natural characteristics. Thus, the organ resumes its healthy vibrations, successfully fights the disease, and returns to its normal functions.

Electromagnetic device DeVita-Ritm is a unique development in the field of good health support without medication. DeVita-Ritm softly and safely influences on the human body without disturbing its energy balance either in the whole or locally.

The most important advantage of DeVita-Ritm is the availability of automatic programs for health support by sessions. In addition, the device has a feature of programming by any of the available prophylactic programs with DeVita DeInfo (Therapy 8). This allows you to choose an individual prophylactic course for each person. “DeVita-Ritm” has been highly praised by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation and has passed all the required clinical trials and testing in over 100 medical establishments in Russia.

The devices are recommended for the following professionals:
--> drivers
--> railway mechanics and engineers
--> aircrew
--> crews of the surface and submarine fleets
--> security personnel
--> frequent metro riders

“DeVita-Ritm” is essential for people subjected to physical, mental, or psycho-emotional stress, as well as professions requiring increased attention, including:
--> firefighters;

--> rescue personnel;
--> enforcement agencies;
--> doctors;
--> teachers;
--> bankers;
--> diplomats.

Of course, anyone who wishes to can purchase “DETA” portable devices and use them to restore their health and wellbeing.

The device is more than 85% effective in disease prevention, as well as the organ’s rehabilitation after combating the diseases listed below:

  • --> cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, stenocardia, tachycardia, edema, varicose veins, etc.);

  • --> endocrine disorders;

  • --> kidney diseases (pyelonephritis, renal colic, etc.);

  • --> genitourinary diseases;

  • --> urological diseases (prostate gland adenoma, prostatitis, etc.);

  • --> gastrointestinal disturbances;

  • --> pulmonary diseases (bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary edema, pneumonia, etc.);

  • --> headaches of various origins;

  • --> diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems;

  • --> gynecological diseases;

  • --> angina, laryngitis, otitis and others.

The device has proved itself successful in disease and ailment prevention, including stress, overstrain, fatigue, etc. “DeVita-Ritm” can be used as a workplace protection system against harmful radiation and other dangers including:

  • --> increased radiation level;

  • --> X-rays and ultrasonic devices;

  • --> computers, copiers, and TV-sets;

  • --> increased levels of electromagnetic radiation, including transmission facilities;

  • --> insufficient natural electromagnetic fields.

List of 30 pre-installed care programs

(1500+ Available Frequencies with Devita DeInfo (Therapy 8))

1. Active Protection

The human body exists in conditions of continuous changes in external and internal environment to which it is forced to adapt constantly. Many of external influences cannot be considered useful. A balance between all processes in the body, as well as their ability for self-regulation, plays a particular importance for health. Healthy food, fresh air, regular physical activity, positive emotions and “Active Protection” program of DeVita-Ritm are the first assistants in health care.

Procedure: The program is used daily in the morning. It is not recommended to use it in the evening as the excess energy can cause insomnia.

2. Vienna Prophylactics

“It is easier to prevent than to cure” - this statement is entirely applicable to the problem of varicose veins. Indeed, if prevention of varicose veins does not require form you to have serious physical and time spending, why don’t you carry out it and protect yourselves from the development of this unpleasant disease? Especially it may concern those who frequently wear high heels, have a lot of sitting, do not take enough physical exercises, prefer to take hot baths, or who have to stand on their own legs for long periods. Physical exercises and ”Vienna P” program will help you to avoid serious unpleasant consequences.

Procedure: This mode is used daily for 2-3 weeks. Similar sessions are repeated 2-3 times a year.

3. Blood Circulation

Sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, improper diet, stress are those conditions that affect the state of the blood circulatory system, disrupt not only its work, but also metabolism in general. “Blood Circulation” program is designed to help in prevention of blood circulatory system disorders. And this is very important for health support of a person and for his active ability to work.

Procedure: The mode can be used at any time if necessary, but the optimal time of its use is from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

The device should be placed in a lapel pocket or near the body.

4. Body Cleansing

Body health depends largely on functioning of excretory systems, timely cleansing from metabolic products. Any organism even if its immune and excretory systems function faultlessly inevitably accumulates toxins during its life-time. Elimination of them is the most important task to preserve health and active longevity. “Body Cleansing” program activates functioning of excretory systems, helps to release the organism from toxins. In order to improve the efficiency of the program it is recommended to use an active locomotive mode (gymnastics, shower, massage).

Procedure: For prophylactic purposes the program is recommended to use once a week or every day for a month.

The optimal time of its use is from 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.

If necessary, you can repeat the program in half an hour. It is obligatory to drink clean water in amount of 1-1.5 liters per day.

5. Sharp Eye

Constant eye strain when reading for long, working in front of a computer screen, as well as the change of environment, conditions and rhythm of life can cause eye fatigue or irritation, and in some cases can adversely influence on vision. A healthy diet, normal sleep and a correct mode of eyes strain, of course, are the rules that support the vision at a good level, but it is not always possible to comply with them. “Sharp Eye” program helps to decrease high eye strain.

Procedure: The mode can be used at bedtime. After the end of the program do not strain your eyes and give them a possibility to relax.

6. Rest for Eyes

Eye fatigue, to some extent, exists at any work, which involves vision. With frequent over-strains the vision disorders progress rapidly. In addition to visual disturbances such strains can cause facial muscle spasms and headaches. The highest risk occursduring prolonged work in front of a computer screen, reading under wrong lighting, or long-continued driving, especially at night. Prevention of eye fatigue is based on the use of “Rest for Eyes” program and on common sense. These measures will help to keep your eyes healthy.

Procedure: The program helps to relieve eye fatigue and can be used at any time of the day, as needed.

Prevention: after each hour of hard work it is necessary to devote 10-15 minutes for rest of your eyes. The best way is to look out of the window and enjoy the scenery, shfting the gaze from close to distant objects or to the sky. Adjust the position and illumination intensity of the monitor, as well as the lighting of the workplace and premises in the whole. Avoid sudden changes in illuminationintensity (work in front of a brightly lit monitor in a dark room). Work in a comfortableposition. Good blood supply plays an important role for good vision. Therefore, look away fromthe monitor and do exercises or massage of the neck area.

7. Immunity

Immunity is the body’s ability to resist the action of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and other harmful environmental factors. The stronger is the immune system, the less is the danger of a person’s disease. Strengthening of the immune forces is one of the priorities of Wellness trend. The immune system state depends on many factors: cessation from bad habits, balanced utrition, and healthy lifestyle. “Immunity”program has a stimulating effect on the body, increases resistance to external aggressive factors and enlarges physical activity.

Procedure: The mode can be used at any time of a day. It is ideal for preventing colds.

Attention! It is not recommended to use the program for a night as it can cause insomnia.

8. Energy Tonic

The balance between inflow and consumption of energy, both physical and psychoemotional, is very important for a human being. “Energy Tonic” program contributes to a balanced distribution of energy in organs and systems of the body and supports their normal functioning that improves physical and mental activity of a human being.

Procedure: The program can be used as needed in the morning or afternoon.

9. Be in a Good Mood

Good mood, positive attitude are not only a key to a successful solution of current problems, but also are a guarantee of physical health. A healthy mind and a healthy body are inseparably linked with each other. Mental attitude, especially as a result of stresses, gives an impulse to the development of various diseases. “Be in a Good Mood” program increases mental activity, normalizes sleep, relieves anxiety and emotional stress, and that is why you will always be in good, cheerful mood.

Procedure: The program can be used at any time as necessary. It is possible to re-use the program in half an hour.

10. Rejuvenation

The wellness task is an active longevity. This is the state of mind and body, in which a person throughout his life looks young and feel young inside. This largely depends on the condition of the body’s immune forces, hormonal balance and normal metabolism. “Rejuvenation” program acts to improve cellular metabolism, i.e. metabolic conversion, strengthens own body defenses and gives energy to the whole organism.

Procedure: The program is used every other day, in the daytime.

11. Muscle Tonus

A physical form of a person must be in a perfect condition - this is an axiom not only for wellness, but simply for everyday life. In today’s hectic lifestyle, people move less and less, and this negatively affects their health. “Muscle Tonus” program improves the supply of muscles with blood and oxygen, helps to support them in a cheerful state. This program is especially effective in conjunction with a light gymnastics.

Procedure: The program is used every other day, in the daytime.

12. Anti-cold

Stuffiness in municipal transport and working premises or actively operating air conditioners, a large crowd of people, physical fatigue - these are the factors of increased risk of colds. Even healthy, strong, trained body, not affected by bad habits, needs help in these conditions. “Anti-cold” program activates the body defenses, increases resistance to colds.

Procedure: It is used in inter-seasons or in periods of colds. For prophylactic purposes in this period it is used every day.

13. Digestion

Adequate and equal nutrition is one of the most important conditions for good health support. Consumption of unfamiliar, unusual foods, as well as eating disorders, prolonged stresses inevitably have an increased influence on the gastrointestinal tract, and that can lead to very unpleasant consequences. “Digestion” program healthily affects all organs of the gastrointestinal tract, helps to make food digestion easier, and reduces the risk of eating disorders.

Procedure: The program can be used at any time of a day. The optimal time to use it is from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. It is possible to re-use the program in half an hour.

14. Rehabilitation

An active, mobile pastime brings great benefit to the body, strengthens both physical and spiritual powers of a human being, and gives a feeling of fullness and joy of life. However, mobility is often connected with injuries that can occur any minute. It is not always possible to avoid them. In this case it is especially important to reduce to a minimum the effects of trauma, to shorten the time of rehabilitation. “Rehabilitation” program triggers restorative mechanisms in the body and helps to bounce back in the shortest possible time.

Procedure: The mode can be used at any time if necessary. The device should be positioned in close proximity to the place of injury.

15. Back Fatigue

Long journeys or sedentary work are usually connected with long immobility, often not in the most comfortable position. In this case, the whole body is tired and the most unpleasant consequences are caused by the back fatigue. “Back Fatigue” program activates muscle tonus of the back, improves blood circulation, normalizes energy flows and thereby contributes to the fastest rehabilitation of the back and the workability of the whole body.

Procedure: This mode can be used at any time when necessary.

16. Anti-pain

Pain is the reaction of organs and systems of a body on aggressive influence of the environment or function disorder of internal organs. Pain creates serious discomfort, does not allow us to feel the fullness of life. The only effective way to deal with any pain is to eliminate its reason. “Anti-pain” program includes a set of frequencies which neutralize reasons of pain of different origins.

Procedure: The program is used at any time as necessary. If the pain has not remitted within an hour, it is necessary to repeat the session.

17. Healthy Heart

The quality of the human heart functioning makes an influence on supply of all organs with oxygen and nutrients, which means the effective work of the whole organism. Malfunctions of the heart can be caused by unhealthy lifestyle, stresses, and physical overloads. It is often not possible in everyday life to avoid many harmful factors affecting the heart. “Healthy Heart” program is aimed to reduce the impact of negative environmental factors; it contributes to self-regulation of the heart and its stable functioning.

Procedure: This mode can be used at any time of a day. The optimal time of its use is from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Attention! It is not recommended to use the program within two months after myocardial infarction.

18. Anti-stress

Every day a person faces stressful situations: at work, on roads, at home, even during vacation. Trained healthy psychics easily neutralizes the effects of stresses. At continuous stresses or during the sudden change of the normal rhythm of life the body may need help. “Anti-stress” program is an assistant in any difficult situation, during psychological or physical stresses. It normalizes the nervous system functioning, contributes to the fast dropping-off to sleep and deep sleep. It has a calming effect on other systems of organs.

Procedure: The program is used at bedtime.

The device is placed under the pillow. If after the end of the program sleep does not come, it is necessary to repeat the session.

Attention! The mode is not recommended for use at work or while driving.

19. Clean Kidneys

Kidneys are the second largest after the liver organ involved in removal of ballast and toxic substances, metabolic products. They regulate water and electrolyte metabolism, acid-base equilibrium, the sodium concentration in the body, volume and osmotic pressure of blood and body fluids, excrete excess water, urea, creatinine, uric acid salts. Therefore, prophylactics and regulation of their work is a crucial task. “Clean Kidneys” program improves not only kidneys functioning, but also the appearance of a person; it raises his vitality and workability.

Procedure: “Clean Kidneys” program can be used at any time if necessary. The optimal time of its use is from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Attention! During the program execution there may be an increased excretion of urine.

20. Clean Joints

Often restrictions and pain in joints interfere with work, leisure and fitness activities. One of the reasons for mobility restriction is blood circulatory disorders of joints and accumulation of toxic substances in them. “Clean Joints” program improves blood circulation, elimination of harmful substances. This means, that you can do things you love to the fullest extent, be active and healthy.

Procedure: The program is used every other day in the daytime

21. Clean Lungs

In the current environmental situation, especially in large industrial cities, lungs are especially exposed to negative effects of the environment. Meanwhile, the lungs are responsible not only for our breath - all body functions depend on functioning of our lungs. Therefore, their cleaning is very important. “Clean Lungs” program helps to cope with these loads. It is especially effective with simultaneous execution of breathing exercises while walking.

Procedure: The program is used every other day in the daytime.

22. Clear Skin

Skin condition is not just a question of aesthetics, but it is also an indicator of health of a person, of his internal organs. Skin is the largest organ in our body. Its main tasks are: protection from environmental factors and thermal exchange. In the currentenvironmental conditions it needs help. In addition to daily hygiene procedures and healthy nutrition “Clear Skin” program is a necessary step to beauty and health.

Procedure: The program is used every other day in the daytime.

23. Concentration

Concentration conditions a successful orientation of a person in the outside world and more complete assimilation of the material being studied. “Concentration” program helps to concentrate oneself at necessary time and to achieve great results in variousactivities.

Procedure: The program is used as needed at any time of a day.

24. Detoxification

During the lifetime our body inevitably accumulates toxins. They not only infest human organs, but also they create a breeding ground for pathogens. It is therefore necessary to carry out cleansing for the purpose of elimination of toxins. “Detoxification” program activates functioning of the excretory system and helps to cope with elimination of toxins from the body.

Procedure: The mode can be used at any time if necessary. It is necessary to drink clean water in amount of 1-1.5 liters per day.

25. Male Youthfulness

The program is intended for prevention of diseases of male genitourinary system and is useful for men at any age. The older is a man, the greater is the need for this program. The need for preventive measures is obvious for reduction of the risk of various diseases and for minimization of potential consequences. This program is the basis for prevention of impotence.

Procedure: Prophylactic sessions should be performed once a week. If necessary - every day from 9.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.

The device should be placed in a trouser pocket or near the body.

26. Female Youthfulness

The program is designed to prevent disorders of female genitourinary system and is useful for women at any age. Little secrets, by which a woman can outwit unpleasant process of aging and deterioration of health and beauty, are known: proper nutrition, physical exercises and dance, as well as “Female Youthfulness” program. It covers a wide range of women’s problems and is very useful for women at any age.

Procedure: Prophylactic sessions should be performed once a week. If necessary - every day from 9.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.

Attention! It is not recommended to use this program during pregnancy or if a woman wants to become pregnant.

27. Stop Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance needed by the body for a variety of important processes. Excess amount of cholesterol in blood leads to formation of atherosclerotic plaques on vascular walls. Factors that increase the level of cholesterol include smoking, overweight or obesity, overeating or lack of physical activity, poor diet (excessive use of fatty foods, bacon) , lack of mineral nutrients and vitamins, excessive use of alcohol, as well as some endocrine disorders - diabetes, failure of thyroid hormones, sex hormones. The use of “Stop Cholesterol” program will clean and strengthen the blood vessels; thereby it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

Procedure: For prophylactic purposes the program can used 1-2 times a week and it is recommended to use it by sessions not less than for 1 month.

28. Accurate Calculation

“Accurate Calculation” program is intended to help in the development of arithmetic skills. Masterful calculation, like any other skill, is acquired by training. Use of the program during such training (for example, during learning of multiplication tables, solving of mathematical tasks) activates the activity of specific regions of the brain, relieves uncertainty syndrome and thus promotes good perception and memorization of material.

Procedure: The program is recommended to use daily in the morning and afternoon.

29. Fast Reading

Today’s world offers us a lot of information and knowledge from different areas, which a person should be able to assimilate quickly and effectively. Often, some psychological barriers can prevent people from reading both quickly and thoughtfully. In children, this can cause formation of emotional stress during assimilation of school material. “Fast Reading” program combined with exercises helps to get rid of “fear” of quick reading and to assimilate the material to the fullest extent. This will let us become effective and successful in all areas of life.

Procedure: The program is recommended to use daily in the morning and afternoon.

30. Short Term Memory

The human brain contains a large amount of knowledge. At certain moments, the memory is not able to give the necessary information quickly. “Short Term Memory” program increases the efficiency of the brain, improves memory and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle adjusts the human psycho-emotional component to positive.

Procedure: The program is recommended to use daily in the morning and afternoon.


The device is not a medical product!

The use of Deta devices is one of the healing methods. It does not replace the main methods of treatment, but qualitatively complements them!

Wellness technique is a healthy diet, moderate physical exercises, fresh air, and cessation from harmful habits - largely reduces the risk of various diseases. However, in today’s world it is not always possible to commit oneself to the concept of wellness consistently. This is especially true for large cities, with their constant stresses, rapid way of life and a poisoned environment.

DeVita-Ritm devices are designed to help the body to maintain vitality at a high level, to work eff ectively even in an unfavorable external environment, to preserve youth and beauty for years to come.

***Passport, the instruction to the device and recommendations in English. Device interface in Russian, possibly pre-selection of programs for you.

All devices have a 2 year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee from point of ordering if not satisfied.

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