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DeVita-Test indicator is a device that instantly evaluates the functionality of the portable devices in the Ritm and AP series. DeVita-Test helps identify the causes of an inefficient recovery, whether the problem is an idle device or an incorrect program.
The "DeVita-Test" indicator is essential for every owner of "Ritm" and "AP" devices
If you cannot achieve your desired, healthy recovery with DETA devices, use "DeVita-Test". It's simple.
Just switch on "DeVita-Test" and bring it to the operating device in the AP or Ritm series. The indicator automatically recognizes the type of the device by lighting up the corresponding LEDs.
DeVita-Test determines the level and quality of the signal instantly and displays the results:
If the signal is green, the tested device is operating normally.
If the signal is yellow, there is insufficient radiation efficiency (meaning the batteries likely need to be replaced).
If the signal is red, the device is out of operation and should be repaired.
DeVita-Test easily determines the device's status and whether it needs to be repaired. If the device is operating normally, you should consult your doctor and modify your recovery program.
The reliability of "DeVita-Test" has been tested and confirmed during batch checks of "AP" and "Ritm" devices.
To all current DeVita-Test users:
The "DeVita-Test" readings are valid only for "DeVita-Ritm М2" and "DeVita-AP М2" devices.
The first and second models of the devices have different ranges of antenna circuits, and "DeVita-Test" is designed only for antennas of the М2 models. Accurate results when testing the first models of the "DeVita-Ritm" and "DeVita-AP" devices cannot be verified.

All devices have a 2 year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee from point of ordering if not satisfied.

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