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Mia Skiromo, New York

Cosmetics Del'Or take a year. During this time, he gained not only enjoy the use of cosmetics, but also excellent results. First of all, significantly reduced wrinkles around the eyes ( "crow's feet"). For me, it used to be a problem №1. No cosmetic procedures (of more or less safe), I could not help, beauticians generally said that the only way out - it's Botox ... Thanks masks Delors I and without Botox look great. Friends who do not see me every day, notice how I am young eyes. In the second place, I have, so to speak, disappeared rosacea on his face. Again thanks to the masks. That's great, now I do not always use creams as no defects on the face. Since I am a person and keep telling the public about health and beauty, always catch on his face, appraising look. Prior to the use of cosmetics Del'Or me is troubled. Now I am sure of their appearance 100%. I know that even the most stringent "experts" looking at my face, clearly mistaken in my age and give much less years than indicated in the passport. This dream of every woman - to look not just good, but great, and even younger! And with cosmetics Del'Or is real, especially one full treatment with the application of masks in just 15 minutes! The dream of every woman - and look great at the same time to save time! The dream of every woman - look great and without harm to your health! All these advantages have in cosmetics Del'Or!

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