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Customer Testimonials

Olga Salikhov, Stockholm

Good day! My name is Olga Salikhov, and I'm from Stockholm. I met DeVita devices in 2009. At that time, I was very worried about my health. I received a positive result from the use of instruments. And after that, I was very interested in working for a company. I have had experience in other companies, but here I had to learn all over again. First, something happened, and what do not. Sometimes I did not have enough skills to work. Once I was afraid that can not do it, and tried to work on other projects. But later I realized that the only business with a company DEHolding was and remains interesting for me. There are constantly being trained to attract partners, doctors advocate that details the operation of the devices. We are taught how to keep up with the times and work in the Internet space. On the part of the company's continued support and assistance is felt. For example, we have a unique tool Flash Kit, which contains all printed materials, presentations and answers to common objections clients. A special "thank you" I want to say for DeRofes - the tool that literally battling the client on the spot. In just 24 minutes we can show the customer how the device helps. With this approach, we are not only healthy, but also to have such a quality of life that can only dream of. I want to express my gratitude to the leadership of the company for what they are doing, what you have done and what we have yet to learn!

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